Jitterless Joe


Jitterless Joe is coffee with a purpose.

  • Perfect blend of plant-based cannabinoids and hand selected medium roast beans
  • Flavor of nuttiness, caramel, and earthy overtures
  • Optimum quality with plants specifically grown on Oregon’s 45 th parallel

Jitterless Joe offers a life changing, no jitters, love at first sip.

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Hand cultivated and harvested in Papua New Guinea's Western Highland at altitudes of 5000-6000 feet, your cup’s beans were wild bush grown in the forest where the plant naturally takes root - providing a variety of flavor tones from the surrounding ecosystem including fruitiness, nuttiness, and mocha - all plant types growing close by in the wild.

Organically Sourced, Cold-pressed, Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil. Your cup’s Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil is 100% cold-pressed, rich in healthy phytocannabinoids, and is infused with the roasted beans at just the right time – leaving the hemp oil extraction process undamaged while allowing the complex Hemp plant’s natural fats, vitamins, and nutrients to remain completely bioavailable until you are ready to brew each cup. Each batch of green beans for your coffee is roasted to order requiring two business days of roast time, as well as 24 hours to degas, before shipping. Your coffee beans are never pre-roasted, stored, and then shipped. NON-GMO Our green coffee (pre-roast) is certified under the Non-GMO Verify Project to be a non-GMO food, ensuring that “…like the Non-GMO Verify Project, the integrity of our diverse genetic inheritance is essential to human and environmental health and ecological harmony.

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